Mobile Phone holder


Included in the package:
  • 2 x 3M double sided adhesive sticker (Beige) 
  • 1 x 3M base sticker (Red) 
  • 2 x thin metal plate (“Thumbs up” logo design) 
  • 1 x Swivel base piece 
  • 1 x Rotary piece 
  • 1 x replacement washer ( Placed inside the rotary piece)


1. Stick double sided adhesive 3M sticker (beige) on thin metal plate. Remove seal on the other side to expose adhesiveness.

2. Stick metal plate on the back of a phone. ( Note: We suggest that the metal plate be stuck on a phone case and not the actual device itself as it may leave behind residue.)

3. Place swivel base on a flat surface on the dash of a car. Use the red 3M sticker to hold the base to the spot on the dash that is desired.

4. Place magnetic rotary piece on the base swivel piece.

5. You are now ready to use the mobile phone holder! Place the metal plate attached to the phone on the rotary piece of the swivel base and experience the free rotation!