Velvet Nails

What You Need 

·         nail polish (clear or color that match the caviar of choice)

·         caviar beads

·         place mat / sheet of paper

·         clear top coat


Step 1

Cover your work area with a place mat or sheet of paper for easy clean up.


Step 2

Apply a coat of nail polish onto your nails. The velvet powder will adhere to wet polish only, so try to do each nail separately.

For best results, use clear top coat or a nail polish that matches the color of the powder you wish to apply.


Step 3

Dip your nail in the container of velvet powder, rolling it back and forth to apply the velvet to the sides.


Step 4

Brush off any excess powder from the nail and cuticles. If the velvet layer does not appear to be even, fill in any of the sparse areas.


Step 5

Allow polish to dry. The finish look should give you a luxurious velvet-like texture.


Please note that this product is commonly used in professional nail salons, however with these simple steps, you can now enjoy professionally done nails in the comfort of your own home.


The product box states it is a “glitter nail kit” due to an issue with the manufacturer. Please be assured that you’ve received an order of velvet powder.