Metallic Decorative Tape

What You Need 

·         nail polish

·         metallic nail tape

·         scissors

·         clear top coat



Step 1

Cut out the length of nail tape you wish to use. You can do so by placing it down on your nail in the design you want. Having an appropriate length is crucial because it is very difficult to cut out excess.


Step 2

Apply a coat of nail polish onto your nails. Place the tape on your nail in the design you want.


Step 3

Allow polish to dry. Protect your nail stickers and prolong lasting time by painting on a thick layer of top coat


Helpful Hints

For prolonged lasting time of the tape, apply it onto a semi-dry nails, such that the wet polish will dry with the tape, giving it extra adhesion.




Advanced Technique: Using it as painter’s tape!


Paint a colorful design on the first layer of polish, allow to dry. Then, using the nail tape, gently cover areas you wish the design to show through. Apply another coat of polish on top of the tape, allow to dry as well. Remove the tape and enjoy your fancy nails!


Please note that this product is commonly used in professional nail salons, however with these simple steps, you can now enjoy professionally done nails in the comfort of your own home.