Makeup Brush

24-Piece Makeup Brush Set Instructions 

1 Large Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush - Used for taking off access powder from your face after makeup is applied. 

1 Large Powder Brush - Used for loose/pressed powder application

 1 Powder & Blush Brush - Used for applying loose/pressed powder or powder blush to apples of cheeks 

1 Large Bevel Contour Brush - Used for contouring face; enhancing cheek bones, slimming nose, narrowing forehead, defining jaw line

 1 Foundation Brush - Used for applying liquid or cream foundation to face

 1 Highlight Brush - Used for highlighting face; enhancing cheekbones, brightening eyes/below eyebrows, slimming nose

 1 Large Eye Shadow Brush - Used for applying base eye shadow all over the eyelid

 1 Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush - Used for applying eye shadow on the eye lid

 1 Medium-sized Cream Eye Shadow Brush - Used for applying cream eye shadow to eye lid

 1 Eye shadow brush - Can be used for applying lighter eye shadow in the corners of the eyes

 1 Medium-sized Bevel Eye Shadow Brush - Used for blending more than one colour eye shadow on the eye lid for eye shadow depth

 1 Nose Shadow Brush - Contouring on sides of nose to slim down shape

 1 Small Eye Shadow - Used for applying darker eye shadows and contouring eye lid

 1 Medium-sized Bevel Eyebrow/eye Shadow - Used for adding depth to eyelid or for enhancing eyebrows with pressed eyebrow shadow

 1 Small Eye Shadow Contour Brush - Contouring/adding depth to eye shadow. Great for smoky eye look

 1 Small Bevel Eyebrow / Eye Shadow Brush - Used for finer eyebrow details and eye shadow details

 1 Concealer Brush - Applying under eye concealer or applying concealer on blemishes

 1 Small Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush - Used for removing eyeshadow residue from face and cheeks post makeup application

 1 Lip Brush - Used for applying lipstick to the lips or lining lips

 1 Bevel Eyebrow / Eyeliner Brush - Used for applying cream or gel eye liner to the eyes (great for cat eye look) and for defining eye brows/filling in eyebrow gaps

 1 Sponge Eye Shadow Brush - Great for travel eyeshadow touch-ups or blending eyeshadow, great for eyeshadow application on the go.

 1 Eyebrow & Eyelash Comb - Used for combing out mascara clumps, and brushing eyebrows into order

 1 Eyelash Brush - Can be used for more hygienic mascara application, or to brush out mascara clumps/eyebrows

 1 Fine Eyeliner Brush - Used for gel eyeliner

 1 Black Imitation Leather Case - Used for storing your brushes, great for storing at home or taking it on the go