3D Nail Art Stickers

What You Need 

·         nail polish

·         nail stickers

·         tweezers

·         clear top coat



Step 1

Apply a coat of nail polish onto your nails.


Step 2

While your polish is still drying, use tweezers to pick up the stickers of your choice to apply onto the semi-dry nails.


Step 3

Place nail stickers gently on nail. When you are pleased with the position, pat down the sticker.


Step 4

Protect your nail stickers and prolong lasting time by painting on a thick layer of top coat


Helpful Hints

·         Applying on semi-dry nails allow the stickers to adhere to the tacky polish surface. This is optional, but keeps the stickers on longer.

·         Stickers are difficult to pick up with your finger tips when you have wet polish on; we highly suggest the use of tweezers.